CPR/First Aid/AED

Call us for your workplace training

We offer the American Heart Association to individuals who desired to be certified. We also provide CPR/ First Aid training to instiutions like Day Care Centers, Private Agencies, Church Organizations and Day Camps . We offer discounts to groups and  mobile classes for those desire for us to come to them rather than coming to us.  

The American Heart Association  

  • Classes are held weekly on Saturdays.

  • Daily weekday classes are by

  • appointments.


  • Certifications are: BLS   CPR only

  • CPR / First Aid / AED  or First Aid only 

We are dedicated to giving you the knowledge and the  confidence you need to react positively well in case of emergency


  • 1 to 1 manikin assignment for your comfort and quick learning  

  • Convenient location and bus route


  • AHA Certified instructors who will give exactly what you need


  • We are available for your assistance 24/7


  • We offer services to anyone who desires the training in their homes, business locations, offices, community church and schools

  • Classes are offered to baby sitters, friends and family, nurses, educators, medical providers, business owners, etc.

  • CPR classes can be scheduled to accommodate  our client's busy schedule​.

Alpha Health Institute

Call: (678) 508‑3150

Location: 2480 Windy Hill Rd

Suite 406 Marietta GA 30067

Email: alphahealthinstitute@gmail.com

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