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  • What is a certified nursing assistant?
    A Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) is a person who assists individuals with healthcare needs, activities of daily living (ADL's) and provides bedside care under the supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). CNA's are needed to work in a variety of settings which include hospitals and long-term care environments.
  • Must I have a medical experience or background to take CNA class?
    No, medical background is not a must. You do have to be able to read, write and understand English.
  • What are your acceptable methods of payment?
    We do accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, money orders or official bank certified checks. No personal checks.
  • Where are CNA classes held?
    2480 Windy Hill Rd suite 406 Marietta GA 30067
  • Do you sell just the books by themselves?
    No, the textbooks will be provided (work book not provided) and you also get the application for the Nurse Aide exam from the school. Skills DVD are available in school to enhance your learning. All exams are done at the school.
  • Do you offer "Skills Only" class or refresher class? "
    Yes, the skills only class is a minimum of 4hours and is $25/hr. The "skills only" classes are held at the school (2480 Windy Hill Rd Marietta GA 30067). All hands on.
  • Do you require full payment for all classes?
    No, we have payment plan options for those who desire to use it with extra cost.
  • How much is the state exam?
    The cost of the state exam is $112 and is not included in your training fees.
  • What if I fail the state exam?
    You are allowed three chances to take the state test. If you fail all three times, you must attend a certified nurse aide training program before taking the test again. If you fail one part of the state exam, you can come to that part of the class again for free. If you fail the state exam three times, you must attend the full training course again which is usually four weeks long and half pay of the tuition cost will be charged.
  • What is the state exam like?
    The test is a written multiple choice test. It consists of 100 questions and you have two hours to complete the test. The skills portion consists of five random skills and you have 25 minutes to complete the skills. If you fail just one section, you only need to repeat that part of the exam. You do have to pay each time to re-take the test.
  • What do you charge for private tutoring?
    $25.00/hour and must be a minimum of 4hours/visit, pre-paid in advance.
  • Where are the regional state testing sites?
    Alpha Health Institute is an approved testing site and all exams are done at the school. However, here are several locations around Metro-atlanta area. You must schedule your test through NACES and go to a testing center nearest to you or take it at the school if you chose to. We do walk you through the application to takr the test.
  • Do you allow refunds? What if I have to cancel?
    Yes. However, it depends on the circumstances, will be discussed in the class prior to beginning of class. Registration fees are non- refundable. There is NO re-scheduling of classes for no -call no-shows, besides an emergency. More than one no-call no-shows will result in involuntary termination from the school with no refunds, whether you paid in full or not.
  • What is the website for the Georgia Nurse Aide Registry?
  • What do I do if I don't have a social security card?
    You will not be able to take the state competency exam, however, you will be issued a completion certificate that may provide you a job at selected facilities. You must have a photo ID, like a driver’s license or government issued ID and your SS card to take the state exam. If you do not have one, or lost your card, apply for a free duplicate at your nearest SS office.
  • What is the student/teacher ratio for the CNA course?
    The maximum number of students in a class is 14. This is state approved ratio per class. These spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis with the non-refundable registration fee payment to secure your spot in the class.
  • Are you a testing center?
    Yes. All exams are done at the school.
  • Where can I get a job as a CNA?
    In hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, skilled rehab centers, doctor's offices, private duty, hospice, group home and home health.
  • What is the average pay range for a CNA?
    It depends on where you work, your shift and what days of the week you work. The range is $8.50 / hour up to $13.00 / hour depending on experience, facility worked at, shift differential and weekend pay.
  • Do you ever or will you ever cancel a CNA class?
    In the event of an emergency, such as weather problems, class will be rescheduled with no extra charge. Class will also be post-ponded if there are not enough students registered.
  • I am moving to another state. Will that state accept my GA CNA?
    Every state is different. Contact the state you are moving to to find out if they accept the GA CNA License, or if you will have to take their state test or state training.
  • Where do I mail my payment?
    The payment mailing address is on the "Registration Form" The registration form is on the website, you can print one off and mail it in with your payment. Phone payment or faxed registrations without payment is not accepted.
  • How soon can I get a job?
    Getting a job has a lot to do with your experience, personal appearance, your attitude, background check, drug screen and references. Once you pass your state exam, you are listed under the nurse aide registry and you can find a job anywhere, just maybe not the exact shift and location that you wanted as your first choice.
  • How soon should I apply for your CNA class?
    As soon as possible. So, as soon as you have your deposit ready, pay and get in the schedule.
  • Do you offer a class where I can just practice the 24 skills?
    Yes, it is called “skills only”. This class is $25/hr for a minimum of 4hrs. You must register and pay in advance because the class has limited space. Walk-ins are welcome if space permit.
  • Will my name be entered into the Nurse Aide registry by just attending the class?
    No, you will take the state exam for GA. You have to pass both the written and the skills exam to be placed on the registry.
  • Do you accept financial aide?
    Yes, Work investment Act (WIA).
  • Do you know anyone who would pay for my training?
    WIA may pay for you if you qualify. Check with their office around your area. Got to financial aid of this website to retrieve their number for your area. Not sure of any other organizations or individuals willing to pay for training at this time. Ask around.
  • How can I get into a class that starts sooner?
    As soon as you register, with your deposit ready and there is space. You will be allowed to move forward in a class. There is always a chance of a cancellation. If you did not pay and register yet, you will not be moved up to a sooner class.
  • After I take the class, how soon can I take the state exam?"
    It is up to you. If you wish to take it as soon as you graduate, you can. Or, if you want to wait a couple of weeks and study, that is still OK. You are responsible for completing the application and making your payment.
  • Can you squeeze one more person into a class that is full?
    No. We need everyone to have a quality learning environment.
  • My college requires me to have clinical hours for the nursing program admission, will this program work? "
    It depends on the college in question. Ask your college if your CNA hours at work can count for your clinical hours. Some colleges will let you work as a CNA and that will be it for your clinical requirement.
  • How soon do I need to register? How fast do the classes fill up?
    Fast. Class fill up varies. Registration is on first come; first serve basis, so hurry.
  • What else do I have to pay for when taking a CNA class?
    You need to pay the fee for your state exam, and the cost $112.
  • Do you sell the skills DVD to help me with the skills portion of the CNA state exam?
    Yes. The DVD is $35. If you would like it mailed to you, add $3.99 for shipping and handling.
  • When do I find out the test results for the state exam?
    The same day, check out for details from the student handbook.
  • Do you offer CPR classes?
    Yes, you may contact the school to enroll or enroll on line at:
  • Where do I purchase a money order?
    Wal-Mart, Western Union, your bank, post office, drug or discount stores.
  • Where do I purchase scrubs and are they required for class?
    Yes, they are required for class and when you go to the long-term care facility for clinical rotations. You may purchase them from Walmart or uniform stores near you.
  • How long does the CNA program last?
    4weeks with no school on wednesdays, and there are day and night classes to fit your busy schedule.
  • How often are the classes?
    Classes are held monthly.
  • Do you have job placement?
    We do job assistance only.
  • How long do you recommend I wait before taking the state exam?
    You cannot wait six, nine, twelve months after taking the class and then expect to take the CNA exam and pass. However, if wait that long you will forget everything you learned in the class. Take the state exam within TWO months of taking the class.
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